Policy Solutions


1.4 Improve FDEP public reporting of wastewater discharges

Notification and access to information about wastewater spills, emergency discharges, and overflows should be timely, standardized, and clearly conveyed so citizens and non-government organizations can evaluate short-term impacts and identify long-term chronic issues for remediation.

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4.3 Strengthen local fertilizer ordinances and improve compliance

Sarasota County was among the first in the state to enact local restrictions on fertilizer use to protect water quality. The ordinance could be substantially strengthened by additional provisions to require point-of-sale educational signage on proper fertilizer use to promote greater awareness and compliance.

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8.3 Support large-scale land conservation programs

Conserving natural lands promotes natural cycling of nutrients through ecosystems, while providing a host of other community benefits. Currently, about 30% of Sarasota County lands have been protected by acquisition or conservation easement.

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8.4 Support urban forestation programs

Trees intercept and promote percolation of rainfall, reducing runoff. Policies that protect mature native trees, and encourage and incentivize tree plantings on both private and public property,

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